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Our brief was to develop a brand experience that would differentiate it within the saturated cafe market. 

The logo is the first to exploit the new multi-touch hardware of smart phones and tablets. Custom software allows for interactive manipulation of the logo to become a creative tool in building the visual language. Playing with the interactive logo allows the designer to create an infinite number of brand-orientated digital assets that can be integrated into the brand. 

The Ollo brand is currently being soft-launched into the first of its markets and it will be rolled out over a further 15 countries in the near future. 


Our brief for Cibo Espresso was to expresse contemporary aesthetic in modern kitchen design. Streamlined, functional and international in inspiration, Hygena kitchens are aimed at modern, design aware, performance-orientated consumers. Bibliothèque were commissioned to redesign the Hygena identity, as part of the MFI Padua project.

The Hygena logotype uses a robust sans-serif typface where the ‘h’ has been rotated to form the ‘y’ – a simple solution reflecting the flexibility of the product. The accompanying Padua project brochure outlined the project and its strategic intentions, along with photography of the new stores and business information on each of the brands. 

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